Touch is love.

What have I become?
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this is the coolest thing ive seen on this website


Wait what how

what the fuck you mean how? a goddamn computer, that’s how

fuckin think this is some real bullshit like you’re confused as to how someone can hold water and a tiny ass ship are u fuckin’ kidding me


fuck u

i think someone needs to go to timeout, and chill the fuck down

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ma’am im sorry but that baby was due today, i don’t care if its not done just turn in what you have

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Honestly though….


How did we go from being creatures who could over come beasts much stronger than ourselves, using their skin for our clothing, and bones for our weapons. To being so weak that someone calling us a “cunt” a thousand miles away over a computer screen is cause enough to make you harm yourself. What happened? 

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yo everyone’s all “ERIC HARRIS AND DYLAN KLEBOLD WERE CHILD KILLERS” but how come no one’s all “eric harris and dylan klebold were children”

because whether you like it or not, they were. they were also children. and i am in no way excusing their behavior, because they did awful awful things, but…

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15 years ago

Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold killed themselves

The columbine massacre is over